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Our InterIsland Travel Offering: 

- Bookkeeping 

- Tax Strategy & Planning 

- Tax Preparation for One Business Entity

- Limited Support via Email and Zoom Meetings when needed

Aloha. We know how hard it is to be an entrepreneur and that the journey may seem overwhelming and lonely at times.  This offering is for those that are just starting out on their entrepreneurial journey, or have a business that has yet to hit six figures.

We will walk you through the process of being compliant to ensure that your business has a fighting chance and that it can operate legally at the federal and state level. 

We will give you pointers on how to keep your books and records so that you can use the tax law to your advantage.  We believe that you should pay your fair share of taxes ... not a penny more or less.  Let us help you to navigate the tax law and overcome any fears that you might have so that you can pour your heart and soul into your business and live a life of abundance. 



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